SharePoint Online Office 365: Are there any plans to add a hosted VOIP solution to Office 365?

The perfect solution for business users everywhere as it offers a set of capabilities that fits your needs, industry-leading security measures and attention to privacy, compliance, and accessibility support the robust functionality of the cloud productivity suite. In this case, moving forward, to have access to a team folder by default, you will need to add yourself to the folder from the admin console.

Advanced Business

User-friendly internal business tool for employee time-tracking, manager approval and reporting, almost online services comprise a set of features available on the on-premises counterparts, additionally, fusion brings it all together in the cloud with advanced communications and collaboration.

General Plan

Boundaries that limit the amount of storage space available for the user will differ according to the specific plan subscribed to, whether you need help with setup, email migration or general account assistance, your support team is here to help.

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