SD-WAN: Can SD-WAN improve business voip?

SD-WAN brings the scale, reliability, application performance and flexibility that growing businesses, enterprises and service providers need to maintain competitive advantage, deploying akin underutilized features can help IT organizations customize WAN to meet business needs, with the help of application steering, business-critical applications are always given priority.

Available Business

Let you help you and your business take back control of your IT infrastructure, security, and management, implementing it can improve connectivity over enterprise networks and can link branch offices and remote sites with corporate headquarters and cloud data centers more intelligently, affordably, and securely than legacy WAN connections could, for example, in the event one of the connections goes down, your business will continue to operate as if nothing had happened, aside from a decrease in available bandwidth.

Real Management

You provide a centrally-hosted solution for management which enables your IT staff to remotely program edge devices and make changes in network policies centrally, in real time, cyber-attacks are a very real threat to business, making security is a top concern for every business, regardless of size, industry or location.

Lucrative Data

VoIP performance is the one data application that can suffer most from WAN issues, software defined networking is growing at a rapid rate which makes it a lucrative opportunity for resellers in the channel. In addition to this, cloud enablement, improve security, closing the skills gap, network agility and visibility.

You can bond multiple network connections to give applications more bandwidth and better automatic failover, improve business application performance thanks to increased availability and agility. In addition to this, the software-defined WAN has the intelligence needed to improve network performance and management and provide a company with vastly improved network flexibility, enabling reallocation of resources to drive business growth.

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