Revenue Assurance: Do you believe real time VoIP security is a GDPR issue?

Revenue-assurance should play a central role in creating and shaping the available offers, which if left unmanaged, can create fraud and abuse vulnerabilities.

Active Assurance

Ideally you will want a system that can help automate your revenue assurance tasks, a cloud-based model avoids the need to acquire and implement a software based revenue assurance solution altogether, while ensuring that all of the process control elements can still be performed, including data warehousing, online reporting and the provision of revenue assurance dashboards and alerts for pro-active decision support. As an example, revenue assurance was chiefly used for systems, business processes, and events.

Mobile Business

Advances in off-the-shelf software now permit the configuring and visualizing of services across multiple technologies on a modest operating budget, another important aspect is the need to move closer to real-time prevention solutions to accommodate changes in business models and services, thereby achieving the right balance between risk reduction and customer friction. In like manner, your business intelligence capabilities also extend to a variety of revenue assurance, fraud prevention and other mobile security services.

Alternative Strategies

Using revenue assurance for digital means turning its powerful focus and capabilities onto customers and customer journeys, as revenue from traditional voice and SMS services is declining, operators are witnessing an upward trend in the revenue from data services. In addition, you believe akin strategies will help you maximize the use of your existing international facilities, and develop alternative sources of revenue.

Real System

The modern approach to revenue assurance allows creation and maintenance of network inventory, network fault management, and automated provisioning of services through real-time analytics, additionally, and use the near real time discovery system to evolve the inventories to be near real time up-to-date with the reality in the network.

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