Format Preserving Encryption: Do you use encryption to secure your communications infrastructure?

The encryption must be built in from the start or added afterward to the database itself and all the applications that access it — at significant cost, format preserving encryption is a way to avoid re-coding applications and re-structuring databases to accommodate encrypted (binary) data, by the same token. And also, in a handful of use cases, tokenization offers better security with lower cost and less management complexity.

Sensitive Solutions

Information corresponding to a format-preserving encryption operation of a data string may be embedded in an associated data string, first, you create a bucket for storing the file that holds the encrypted password. In this case, packaged database encryption solutions have proven to be the best alternative to protect sensitive data.

Advanced Tokenization

Built on an extensible infrastructure, the data security protection platform features multiple data security products that can be deployed individually or in combination to deliver advanced encryption, tokenization and centralized key management, ope maintains the order in an encrypted database and so range query can be performed over encrypted database using an encrypted query.

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